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Today I’m going to talk about my experience as part of Basetis. I got to work in this company because I was doing a dual formative study modality. This option combines theory and practice, so it allowed me to take a course in my school and to do an internship in Basetis at the same time in order to complete my studies certificate. 


Let’s get started with my personal information.

My name is Isha Noor and I’m from Pakistan. I came to Barcelona few years ago without any idea about what to do in my life but with just one dream:

“Make my parents proud of me, doing whatever I choose to do in my life.” 

After finishing my high school degree (also known as “ESO”), I decided to pursue my studies in the IT (Information Technology) sector, because I always wanted to do something related to mobile technology. Therefore, I studied a CFGM ASIX (Network Information Systems Administration) course in the Institute Joan D’Àustria. I continued in this sector for another 2 years developing applications in DAM cross-platform in the same Institute. Basically, this formation helped me get an internship in Basetis as a mobile developer.

Now let’s talk about my experience from the first day in Basetis until now. I joined Basetis last summer, and my first day was crazy! Everyone welcomed me in the family so kindly and with so much love. I use the term family because this is how I felt from the beginning in the company.


My professional experience was amazing

Related to my professional experience, I entered as a mobile application developer and I started doing a mini course of Flutter (programming language DART to make cross-platform hybrid application) that I used to start a new project. I learned a lot during the project, and I always had help from my seniors. The most I liked during my work was that I had my free space to learn and work without any stress.

After finishing my project using Flutter I wanted to dedicate my time to learn new programming languages, and I was given the opportunity to become an IOS developer. Thus, I started learning SWIFT and ended up being part of two projects of IOS including the official application of Basetis.

To sum up, I really appreciate the effort that the mobile team puts in their apprentices,  especially  because they focus on making you grow  as a professional. Also, they make sure that you get all the technical knowledge that you want to learn, which is wonderful. Personally, I spent a fantastic time learning and working in Basetis. When you’re surrounded by talented people, who always motivate you and appreciate your work it’s just easier to get up to go to the office.


Header photo: Basetis

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