Recently, due to the COVID-19, entrepreneurs are facing new challenges that did not arise before even theoretically. One of these problems is the optimal seat allocation under the sanitary restrictions. This problem is also complicated by the fact that we want to keep close people inside each group and to maintain a safe distance between groups.

At first glance, it may seem that the task is not that difficult, but in fact, it has many (sub-optimal) solutions. Even for the smallest venue, a pen and paper are simply not enough to get the optimal result! 

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Therefore, in Basetis we have developed a tool that makes it possible to get the optimal distribution in just one click! At the same time, our solution increases the capacity of the venue (and hence the profit) by an average of 10 % compared to the non-optimal solutions.

The interface is very user-friendly and simple. It requires minimal entry data and most importantly – it’s free! If you are the owner of a small local or a cinema, our free option will surprise you with the completeness and speed of the result. We think that this formula can help the world of culture, fine arts, and any business that uses seat allocation, so touched by the COVID-19. It’s the perfect tool that helps to optimize spaces in an intelligent way. You can read our previous article on this domain here.

solution for a smart seat allocation

Price plans for seats allocations

If you need a customized solution, since you have a room of more complex design (multi-level or non-rectangular, with many sections or partitions), then discover our advanced plans.

Our Standard Plan includes customized input data and several different venues and Premium Plan also allows you to enjoy an unlimited number of executions. Still, not enough? We also offer a Personal Plan that includes additional functionalities based on the client’s needs. It includes, for example, assistants journey from gates to the seats, to avoid agglomerations in common areas, an optimal flexiglass walls distribution to increase the venue capacity and membership events assignments in order to fairly share season programs. 

Tell us, and we will offer you the best solution at very competitive prices.

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