Who are we?

Possibly when you bear in mind companies like Google or Nike you can get a quick idea of who they are and what they do. You know the services they offer and you can imagine the type of people who work there, the work environment that is breathed or their company philosophy. But could you get such a quick picture of Basetis?

Basetis is a technology consultancy that was born in 2009 under the command of Marc Castells and Víctor Roquet, who were specialized in offering professional services for the ICT sector. Little by little, new people were added to the team, so the services were diversified: from data conversion teams and database analysis to graphic design and communication solutions. We currently have nine specialized areas, and a team of more than 350 people. You can imagine that the organization is one of our strengths… but we’ll see that another time!


What else could interest you about us?

We could explain many curious things about the company: the organizational model, the corporate social responsibility, our commitment to new business lines … but we will start with the basic ones.

To understand why we do what we do, we will first tell you how we are. Our mission as a company is to offer technological and consulting services in a way that allows us to meet the needs of our clients as well as guarantee the good conditions of those who work with Basetis and promote social improvement. We believe that changing the world is possible, so what better way than starting at the offices?

We use our passion for technology to transform society, so we put our talent at the service of all those companies that align with our vision of the world. For this we have developed a strong CSR policy: we strive to contribute to a more ethical, fair and sustainable society.

Some of the values that we like to highlight are trust, transparency, completeness or the common good. They are values shared by all the people who are part of the team, and that allow us to work for the good of the company, the employees and society.


What do we do?

Now that you know us a little more, but do you really know what we do? Basetis is made up of more than 350 professionals, who are organized into nine specialized areas in:


Artificial intelligence

We develop solutions based on data mining, machine learning and mathematical model consulting. One of the success stories from this area is that of IRTA.

Data Integration & Analytics

We manage databases, and carry out data processing and migration. We are present in all phases of the process through audits on the quality of the data. In addition, we monitor and inventory the data masters, in addition to making custom dashboards for any system. We also develop solutions for data exploitation and modeling, as well as apply algorithms for specific sectors such as credit risks or collaborative fraud. A success story that we managed was the massive data conversion of the Zeus GNF application.


We carry out projects both online and offline, always based on the user experience. To do this, we develop web pages and applications with an intuitive user experience (UX) and a visual design (UI) adapted to your identity. We complement it with the development of corporate identity, important to make brands known. Finally, we develop communication plans that involve the conceptualization, maintenance and broadcast of content related to the client’s target audience. A case of success in terms of design and layout was the Bitò Produccions website.


We have a wide repertoire of programming languages, with which we advise on the analysis, design and implementation of architectures. In addition, we carry out consulting related to portal solutions, as well as the development of the front-end and back-end layers or the search engine optimization for web positioning. We also offer a variety of custom solutions to streamline and protect code processes. An example of a successful case is the implementation of Generetis’ own system in the market.


We develop solutions to maintain the necessary infrastructure to ensure the efficiency of technology. For this we have Cloud solutions, we manage SAP Basis infrastructures, we administer systems and we improve governance and IT processes. In addition, we ensure the security of the systems and we rely on the DevOps methodology to streamline production environments. Some success stories were the maintenance of EDEL’s infrastructure or the improvement of the cloud architecture for Clear Channel.


We offer legal advice regarding data protection (GDPR and LOPD), electronic commerce (LSSI) and intellectual and industrial property.

Management & Business

We assist any business with agile methodologies to achieve its objectives, and we work together to develop a catalog of services and SLAs. In addition, we help in the management of the project and introduce an Agile Framework, among others. One case of success was the centralization of Naturgy Informática services.


We develop custom applications, both native (Kotlin, Swift) and hybrid (Flutter, Iconic), and we establish communication between apps and external devices. To do this, we work with wearables and IoT. In addition, we use the design thinking method to work together with the client.


We create a secure environment to minimize the risks and possible vulnerabilities of the organization, through intrusion tests and reverse malware engineering. In addition, we work together with the client to train and raise awareness about threats, as well as develop an annual security plan.


Do you want more?

Despite the fact that our repertoire of services is wide, we are a team of people committed to society and with the objective of providing technological and consulting services. We use our knowledge to offer solutions to clients that align with our philosophy, and at the same time we contribute our bit to society.

Imatge de Basetis

That is why beyond carrying out projects for clients we develop Experiences, which are internal and collaborative projects that allow us to expand our knowledge and align ourselves with the latest technologies. In the Experiences we propose solutions to latent problems in society, and we also look for ways to collaborate with companies aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility. Projects such as:

  1. Ecolocal Market. It is an app for the sale of ecological and proximity products to help the consumer to be aware of the origin of what they buy and eat. It allows us to reduce the ecological impact of our consumption habits by bringing producers and consumers closer together almost without going through intermediaries. Here you can find the website, the app on Google Play and on the App Store.

  2. Arrels Locator. It is a citizen collaboration application that allows the Arrels Foundation entity to be sent the location and information of homeless people who sleep on the streets of Barcelona and other municipalities. Thanks to this initiative, Arrels Foundation can focus on assisting people who need it and quantify the problem, both in the city and throughout Catalonia. Here you can find the website, the app on Google Play and on the App Store.

  3. Sport2Live Trainers. Sport2Live is a non-profit organization that, through sport, helps people with addiction problems or mental illness. The Sport2Live Trainers app improves the efficiency of the work of the trainers of this organization, since it allows to improve the assistance of its users and facilitates the online information to the therapeutic teams. Here you can find the website, the app on Google Play and on the App Store.

  4. Magic Line SJD. It is the official application for mobile devices of this solidarity march in favor of people in vulnerable situations that Sant Joan de Déu organizes every year in Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca. The app allows you to keep up to date with the news, routes and events of the Magic Line, and to know its objectives and what initiatives the collection is destined to. Every year we improve the app, and we insert new functionalities. Here you can find the website, the app on Google Play and on the App Store.

Foto de capçalera de Basetis