A few weeks ago we told you about who we are and what we do at Basetis. In order for you to continue to get to know us, today we will explain how we work internally and what our organizational model is.

For us, people are the most important thing and that is why we put them at the center of our organization. Reconciling their well-being and culture of Basetis with the growth of the company is a challenge and, to deal with it, we are committed to the TEAL model.

What does TEAL mean?

In 2014 TEAL organizations began to flourish, which were devised by Frederic Laloux in the book Reinventing Organizations. This book uses a color scale to reflect how organizations’ governance models have evolved throughout history. Of all the paradigms, the TEAL model, which is a color similar to turquoise, corresponds to those organizations that are more aware, that look beyond the business and that are committed to putting people at the center.

Imatge de Basetis

As a theoretical definition, we could say that the TEAL paradigm is a model of business organization that works horizontally and is articulated on three principles: self-management, completeness and evolutionary purpose.

In practice, however, there is no magic formula for applying the TEAL model and making it work perfectly. It is a matter of testing and adapting the advice and proposals of this paradigm to each specific organization, until finding the balance.


Basetis and the Teal model

At Basetis we have been walking towards the TEAL paradigm for 5 years and that is why self-management, completeness and evolutionary purpose are the engine of our organization.

Do you want to know how we understand and apply the TEAL principles to Basetis?



At Basetis everyone does what they want (not literally). Our model based on self-management has an impact on decision-making, as at Basetis, anyone is empowered and has the ability to make good decisions. The only requirement to do so is to seek advice from the people involved in the decision and from people who know about it. In this way, everyone can make the best decision possible, with a broad point of view that takes into account the needs and reality of Basetis.

The areas

One of the keys to Basetis’ self-managed model is that they operate in a decentralized way, through networking in different cross-cutting areas. At Basetis, the areas function as governing boards and are responsible for carrying out all tasks related to the internal management of the company. And who is part of it? The transversal areas of Basetis are participatory and are made up of all those people who want to get involved voluntarily, depending on what motivates them, their skills, their desire to collaborate…

Specifically, there are 17 areas divided into three main segments according to the work they carry out: People, Operation and Corporate.

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In Basetis, everyone should be able to show themselves as they are. We believe that there should be no different version of everyone in and out of work. That is why we are committed to the integrity of people and to putting the human team at the center of our organization, so that everyone feels whole, free to express themselves as they are and motivated in the workplace. To achieve this, we apply different mechanisms, including:

  • Conciliation. So that everyone can combine their professional life with their personal and social life, at Basetis we provide facilities to adapt the working day, reduce it, telework, reconcile work with studies, with family life, with the care of other people
  • Equality. We want to achieve real changes that contribute to the construction of a more fair and egalitarian social and business policy both in the company and in its environment. That is why in Basetis we have the Equality Commission, which promotes specific actions, such as the Equality Plan or the Protocol against harassment, to eradicate inequalities and discrimination on the grounds of gender, orientation and origin.
  • Dresscode. The responsibility for how we dress to work shifts to each person. So, in Basetis everyone can decide what clothes to wear, but taking into account the responsibilities and day-to-day meetings.
  • Gamification. At Basetis we use gamification, that is game mechanics in the work environment to strengthen strategic points of the company, encourage camaraderie and participation through game dynamics or challenges. That’s why we have a system of badges and medals to give recognition to the people of Basetis. Some of these are: Basetis Spirit, the Pulitzer Medal, the Good Work Badge…


Evolutionary purpose

Basetis has a purpose beyond business. What moves us every day is the desire to transform society through technology and our talent. We work with clients who share our vision of the world and we enjoy facing new challenges, finding solutions and learning every day. Our evolutionary purpose also includes the development of our services to society. That’s why we created the Experiences, an area within the company that works to find solutions to social problems, but we’ll see that in another chapter.
Basetis grows and evolves year after year thanks to the addition of new people to the staff. And… how do we capture talent? Our entry policy is based on two channels:

  • Recruitment by reference. At Basetis we apply the contracting model by reference. This means that all the people who are part of the company (except internship students and people who join through social entities), can recommend to anyone they consider that it will fit Basetis and that he will be able to contribute to value.
  • Educational cooperation agreements. Another way of growing Basetis is through internship agreements that we establish each year with different universities. In fact, 80% of students who did internships at Basetis in the fall of 2020 ended up joining the staff once the internship period ended.


Thanks to our organization model…

The TEAL model has led us to gain multiple recognitions as a company, including:

  • In 2016 and 2017 we ranked 11th and 9th on the Best Workplaces list, respectively, for companies with 100 to 250 people.
  • We have the Responsible Label, which we achieved in 2019 in recognition of the good practices of Basetis and for our responsible action in the economic, social and environmental fields. 
  • In 2019 we won the CSR Good Practice Week Competition, in the SME category. 
  • We appear on the interactive map of outstanding experiences in social responsibility, managed by the Labor Relations Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • We are recognized as a socially responsible company by the Labor, Economic and Social Council of Catalonia.
  • We are part of the Pacte del Temps, an agreement of the city of Barcelona that promotes actions for people to live and organize their time according to their needs and within a collective framework of coexistence.
  • The quality of our management system has allowed us to obtain the certificate ISO 9001-2015 and ISO27001.
  • We are members of Barcelona + Sostenible, a network that brings together entities, companies, associations, schools… that contribute to advancing towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.


What we do on the inside, is seen on the outside.

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